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Sting - Shortest Radio Ad

A simple brief: Develop a Radio Ad for Sting - Energy Drink

My brain: I’ll do something different, and so I thought who even pays any heed to radio ads? How can I make a radio ad stand out that people listen to. It took me about an hour to realize, that a very sped-up version of disclaimers is airing on the radio channels, these disclaimers are aired after the ad, usually for Teleco or medicine as directed by the government.
I decided to place another disclaimer by STING, making it the shortest Sting ad.

All we had to do was as soon as the sped-up disclaimer came on the radio, we immediately placed our 3-second long disclaimer - “This disclaimer was probably powered by Sting - Energy Ka Jhatzka”

Insinuating that the VO artist who sped through the disclaimer had Sting before he ran across those lines.

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