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Lays - Pass A Smile

Dubai Lynx X 2, Effies X 3, Mena Cristal X 9, Adstars X 3

With political and economic uncertainty, skyrocketing cost of living, frequent power cuts and weakening law & order – the people of Pakistan had become increasingly frustrated and unhappy. As a result, they were smiling less. Something had to be done. So we introduced the Lay’s “Pass A Smile” campaign. Through a very clever and simple packaging design innovation, we converted Lay’s packets into interactive media vehicles of happiness, turning the packs into bright and positive smiles. A clever design exercise of adding a beaming smile on the lower half of a face on the front of the pack automatically completed the consumer's face as they held up the bag, effectively turning our packaging into billboards. Lay’s invited everyone in Pakistan to pass a smile to others using their packaging as a media device.

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