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Dil Ka Rishta

Pakistan's first Matrimonial App Launch with 1 Million sign-ups within a week

Launching the first matrimonial app in Pakistan was exciting but oh-so-challenging.

I remember when I was called to the office and hired as a consultant because they couldn’t crack the idea on how to market such a sensitive and personal decision.

I remember losing it for a week because the task that was handed to me was to BRIDGE THE GENERATION GAP between boomers and millennials. With so many meetings and discussions and pondering over research done by the company, I finally cracked the common thread that can bring both generations together and give them a feeling of relatability. The moment when your father or mother taunts you at your quirky habits; your significant other will never let you do this, you’ll know when you move into your husband’s house. These are the most common insults bestowed upon south asian youth.

We were expecting 300,000/- signup in 10 days, but I was called in the office to be congratulated for getting 1 Million signups in a week.

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