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Cannes Lions x4, D&AD Pencils x3, Grand Prix Effies, Grand Prix Art Directors Club, Gold Clio, Gold Spikes Asia, Grands Prix x4 Dubai Lynx, Grand Award - Hong Kong Design Center

Thousands of children go missing in Pakistan every year, efforts to recover them are limited as they are displaced quickly to areas where traditional media does not penetrate. To raise awareness of missing children in Pakistan, we collaborated with Berger Paints and Samar Minallah Khan to utilize a very local media device that had never been used before: "Truck Art," a unique form of art found in Pakistan in which transport and goods trucks traveling across the country are customarily painted and decorated with elaborate floral patterns, animals, icons, portraits and calligraphy. These brilliantly painted works of art often include portraits of famous personalities - actors, sportspersons, military chiefs, politicians. In place of personalities, local truck artists replicated the last photograph of the missing child and painted these trucks with not only the portrait, but a helpline number and information about the child. The trucks so far have recovered 7 missing children.


Breast Cancer Prevention Campaign
Shortlist Cannes Lions - 2 Silver & 2 Bronze Dubai Lynx - Silver Loeries

Women in Pakistan are aware about breast cancer but do not take the necessary steps to check themselves because of the basic concept of shame. However, women across Pakistan get themselves waxed every month as part of their self-care, which is also where they are not shameful of getting bikini wax, we decided to partner with Gharpar, which is an app for booking waxing services among other beauty based services and train their beauticians through dotors from Indus Hospital to self-examine.
Now everytime a woman books an appointment from Gharpar for waxing, the trained beautician urges the client to self examine by mirroring what the beautician has learnt in the training. This helps women to check themselves monthly thus creating a habit which is what would save them if they see any irregularities in their breast examination.


#56 WARC 100 - Communication Arts Annual - D&AD Pencil - Grand Effie  - Bronze Clio - Bronze Cannes Lions - Bronze London International - Glass Spikes Asia - Gold Cristal - Glass + Creative Effectiveness Dubai Lynx - Gold AdStars - Silver Loeries

In a country where child marriages are common we decided to shock the very audience who celebrated wedding like no tomorrow at the most awaited Bridal Show of the season, because NOT ALL WEDDINGS ARE MEANT TO BE CELEBRATED.

Amongst the supermodels embellished in heavy bridal outfits, the showstopped was a small girl who came out quietly walked the ramp wearing a public uniform but with the embellishments of a bride along with a jewellery item called the "Nat"(a nose ring) which has the cultural significance of a virgin bride to be deflowered. 

The audience felt silent and within seconds of grasping the idea behind this stunt, social media flared up with images of young girl thus creating an uproar to make it illegal to marry any girl under 18.


Gold Clio - Cannes Lions Shortlist - Gunn Report Top 100 Creative Campaigns - Gold Spikes Asia - Gold Cristal - Gold Dubai Lynx - Gold AsiaPacific Tambuli - Silver AdStars

Almost 90% of Pakistani women suffer from some sort of abuse, while a bill recently proposed that men be allowed to “beat lightly” a woman. Compounding the issue, more than 42% of Pakistani women believe that they are weak. So UN Women decided to do the opposite of what was expected from a women’s rights campaign in Pakistan by building the first anti-domestic violence campaign in the world that INVITED men to beat women. But at things they were good at.


Sting Campaign

Silver Spikes Asia / Featured in The Directory / Featured in The Drum

With an impeccable career of 31 wins and the title of world’s youngest Olympic boxing medalist, UK boxing legend Amir Khan faced a setback after being defeated by Canelo Alvarez. The news claimed his career was over. At a time when nobody backed a down-and-out Khan as brand ambassador, Sting decided to take up the opportunity and remake the boxer's reputation by re-energizing him back into the ring. Tapping into Khan's Pakistani heritage, Sting invited him to Pakistan and showcased an entire city as a gym and its people as coaches. The Mughal city of Lahore, and its residents, stepped up. A digitally led campaign by the name of #StingChallenge was launched, inviting Pakistanis to challenge and train Khan.


TVC Campaign

Tecno decided to upgrade its brand image by giving a competition to the biggest brand in Pakistan; Samsung, by launching their Phantom series the affordable folding phone series. 
Limited stock was imported and was sold out in a week.


TVC Campaign

Silver Effie / Performance with Purpose Award PepsiCo Global / Audience Honor Shorty Awards

Pakistanis spend more than half their income on food, and so naturally they’re die-hard foodies. However, being the self-proclaimed authority on all things edible, they can never seem to agree on which city has the best food, or what the best way to eat a certain dish is. The internet was rife with these debates, so we decided to throw some fuel to the already raging fire with our integrated campaign that spanned over two years. While we never really settled the debate, everybody did amiably agree on one thing: 7UP is the only drink to be had with food. The campaign made Pakistan the largest market for 7Up in the world.


TVC Campaign


TVC Campaign

Being the leader in Chips category, Lays decided to launch its campaign of showing how it is everyone's favourite chip in Pakistan. With insightful situation and protagonist taking us through the campaign we focused on the loving moments shared while having Lays.



In a world obsessed with unaatainable beauty standards, Skin Studio beauty clinic, a women-owned business, decided to take a stand and talk about taking ownership of their skin type which is the south asian skin type.

As long as your skin is healthy and you are comfortable, Skin Studio helps you in being comfortable in your own skin.



TCL wanted to create an impact using Mahira Khan as the brand ambassador. We decided to show Mahira Khan in 3 different avatars highlighting the key passion points of the product and depict the immersive experience one gets while watching TCL C-series.


Public Service Message - Azaadi (Freedom)

Zay Beauty decided to celebrate Pakistan's Independence Day with a twist. A brand with makeup products, having a huge audience of women decided to remind women in Pakistan, how they have changed their ways to avoid getting harassed, catcalled and just make sure that INCASE there is an incident, the blame does not fall on the victim.
Highlighting the plight of women, on the day when men blantanlty enjoy their "freedom" we ask the men of our country if 48% of the country's population feels the same Azaadi (Freedom)?



Foodpanda has launched it's new service Pandamart, which caters to your everyday needs anytime of the day. To highlight the need, we decided to capture the OH SHOOT moments!


Oppo - A short story

Oppo wanted to launch it F19 Pro, with its limited edition silver moon casing. Like most of the brands ignoring the impact of the pandemic on everyone's lives, we decided to highlight that issue whilst telling a story which many can resonate with, a hit on small business owners and how the problems surrounding us have united us in more than many ways.



Dil Ka Rishta is a premium matrimonial app, that prides itself for having only VERIFIED profiles on their app. We were able to identify insights that connected both the children and their parents and made 4 TVCs each catering to a different issue.

It launched in October and is the biggest budget allocated to a startup in Pakistan. It has garnered more than 150,000+ app downloads and made 32000+ couples already. 


A Public Service Message

With the pandemic engulfing us, we have weddings going on around us, be it small scale or large, they are still very much happening. UNICEF Pakistan has deemed wedding to be the hot spots for covid.
We knew people will not stop hosting an event of wedding so why not organically dessiminate the message of social distancing in an entertaining manner.
We decided to pick up TAPPAY - a form of Indian semi-classical vocal music sung mostly at weddings.
We changed the lyrics to remind people of covering their faces with masks, sanitise

their hands and to keep 6 feet apart.
Bisconni partnered to support this public service message.


Part 2/2

Foodpanda Pakistan launhed their new product Home Chefs, which gave platform for all home cooks to make a living via their huge platform. 
In the second TVC we showcased how home chefs are easily affordable and in dire need helps the consumer in getting their tummy full even with limited amount of money!


Part 1/2

Foodpanda Pakistan launhed their new product Home Chefs, which gave platform for all home cooks to make a living via their huge platform. 
This is a pure need based service, we highlighted how this service would be perfect for someone whose day is just not going her way!



GharPar Beauty Service is an app, which provides women the privilege to order any beauty service in the safety and comfort of their home. This startup not only aims to facilitate the consumers but also focus on making women - the beauticians, more self sustainable and getting a running income to support their homes.

The DVC was aimed at highlighting all the times one needed emergency beauty service and wanted to avoid going to salons which has judgement filled environment and alot of peer pressure.


Summer Festival

Foodpanda wanted to launch a summer copy, to cover how it caters to a wide variety of food items. By highlighting the real issues one faces during summer, a relatable approach was used to how, we, Pakistanis are trying to survive this summer wave and how foodpanda helps us out for ALMOST all of our worries!


The Talk

The idea was simple; what if your skin products could talk? What would they say about the new product on the block?An engaging conversation will ensue between the products giving a very "mean girls" vibe.


Ghar Hum Aur Eid

The pandemic of Covid-19 hit us bad, there was radio silence everywhere. Eid was approaching fast and amidst all the uncertainty people wanted to celebrate the spirit of festivity, everyone had the same question in their minds. How will we celebrate Eid this year?
We made a nostalgic video reminding people of simpler times when you didn't need to host lavish lunch or dinners to celebrate Eid, you can simply do this at your home, like we did in more simpler times.


Every Committee Whatsapp Group

Oraan is an online finance app, which has product called Oraan Committees. Oraan has safely digitalised committees, so there are no hassle in money management done by so many aunties. We developed this content to highlight how troublesome the committee groups are, and that you can easily avoid it by simply getting registered on Oraan.


TVC F17 Pro

The first locally conceptualised and produced TVC of Oppo Pakistan starring Syra Yousuf & Asim Azhar



Pakistan has a large population of youth, but one time in their lives, the youth has thought about applying for immigration abroad and leaving the country for good. This concept was a simple idea of reminding the youth how they should stay back and do something for their country, we celebrated a group of students from UIT that developed a speech glove.



Gold Dubai Lynx - Shortlist D&AD

In the subcontinent, forced dowry is a practice in which the groom's family coerces the bride's family to pay the groom in material goods. Failure to match this expectation frequently results thousands of brides being victimised through domestic violence and in many cases, even leading to death through murder or suicide. In Pakistan, the custom is practised by all classes, and national laws against it have been unable to stop people from continuing to pressure women to submit. UN Women's goal was to create awareness around the evils of this practice by starting a national movement against it, and expose it for the stigma it is.
We coined a new word for the act of demanding dowry, "Jahezkhori"; which compares in English to an abusive phrase such as "Dowrymongering." We then used one of the most recognised symbols of marriages in the country to disseminate the message: hands decorated with henna held up as if to say "Stop."



Gold Spike - Gold Adstars - Shortlist Cannes Lions

In 2012, Malala Yousufzai, Shazia Ramzan and Kainat Riaz were shot by the Taliban for their crime of wanting to go to school in Northern Pakistan. They survived their injuries and emerged as determined spokespersons for the right of girls to be educated. Tasked with telling their story, we designed a symbol with the ultimate message of resistance: a book that speaks of knowledge being more powerful than any bullet that might try to stop it.
Introducing the world's first bulletproof novel: a book that tells the girls' stories on paper but which is bound with a cover made of bullet-resistant Kevlar-XP fibre. Released on World Book Day, all sales profits go to charities under SOC Outreach Foundation to help girls' education.

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